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Odin pls help to delete this post. Thank u.
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tzg wrote: 01 May 2022 05:20 Did a 95% water change, put in my old rock and added some new rock and finally moved them into the new tank yesterday.

Was an empty town yesterday night as all but 2 was hiding in the old rock and woke up to a good view today as they were soaking in the morning light on the rock.

Hope to see floaters boom after 4 weeks since they have a much bigger space now. =)
No floaters but the 4 weeks wish sort of came true for me, today I spotted my first berried mama with a big bag!

She kept hiding under the rock and this was the best I could get for 15min of camping.

Hope to see more berried mama soon :smile:
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Now that is a proper batch of eggs! You are going to have 30 larvae from that lol.
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Have you got 30 from a single pregnancy before? After another look now, 20 is very possible if she doesn't lose the eggs along the way.
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Spotted another mama with a small bag, she has been dropping her eggs.
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Spotted the 3rd berried mama and manage to capture 2 berried ones in a pic. :smile:
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opae ula related wrote: 10 Jun 2022 21:25 Imagebabies yet?
Hello OUR, not yet, babies should be due in about a week or two I guess. Hoping to see many floaters soon :smile:
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Finally the first larvae of the new tank hatched, spotted another berried opae with a big bag. Currently there are 4 berried opaes in there :laugh:
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