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 #10039  by mypeanutbutterspoon
i havent fed my opae ula very much, but i've given them spinach and sweet potato before. i've heard shrimp LOVE garlic for some reason, but im wondering if its just a freshwater thing/unsuitable for my species. has anyone tried preparing a bit of fresh garlic for these guys? do they go for it, is it okay to feed them even? anything else you've found they enjoy?

they'll eat the sweet potato and spinach when i give it to them, but not all of them or even most of them, it takes a long time for them to even find, and when they do they generally ignore it and go back to scraping algae. i just wanna find something supplimental that they'll enjoy more than algae lol.
 #10040  by Vorteil
I don't feed mine that which to me seems catered towards FW shrimp. If anything I just feed freeze dried spirulina. Shrimp overall are scavengers. I don't think Opae Ula care much for veggies as mine have never really shown interest. I keep it more simple and leave the exotic foods to my other shrimp.
 #10041  by odin
i have to agree with @Vorteil i just feed mine spirulina and they go mental for it. You can try other stuff and report back to us though!