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 #9030  by ccaulfield
Aloha everyone!

Hope you and yours are staying safe and sane.

I was supposed to buy 30 - 50 opae from a man in Honolulu, but he has not returned my calls in a few weeks. I hope everything is ok.

Does any one have a connection on Oahu? Honolulu is preferable but since I'm an essential worker I do have permission to drive.

I would also want to do contactless pick-up for everyone's safety. (I could call when I'm outside the door and the seller could leave them on the front porch and go back inside.) And I have paypal/venmo.

My tank is fully cycled and I would really like some company when I have to work from home!

Mahalo for any recommendations!
 #9034  by opae ula related
ccaulfield wrote:It was Brad at Oh My Opae.

And all the ones I've been calling are closed. I've left a few messages/emails to no avail :(
Probably due to shelter in place. Stay safe.
 #9251  by ccaulfield
Hi everyone!

Long overdue update: after weeks and weeks of calling pet stores and even messaging random opae ula owners on social media - I have my shrimp!

It appears that most of the pet stores on-island are finally open and their stock is back up! Some are still appointment-only.

My tank has had pleeeeenty of time to cycle, which is great! Finally I have some company while working from home :)
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 #9252  by odin
I’m very pleased for you :smile: these shrimp are so amazing to watch, after a while you will start to wonder where the time went :happy: :happy: