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 #4260  by Enviormentalist
 10 Jan 2018 03:41
I do not have a heater in my tank and I have shrimp in it. Schould I get a heater? Also the tank I purchsed is a bet tank and its lid is not entirly closed. Is this ok? Also one of my shrimp is white and all the others are red. I have 6 shrimp in a one gallon tank. Can I add snails ?
 #4262  by odin
 10 Jan 2018 08:06
Hi and welcome to the forum! I’ll try and help with your questions if I can

- What temperature is your tank water currently? Some places in the world are warm so you don’t need a heater while here in the UK we need them as it gets quite cold in the winter time even indoors.

- The lid situation is fine, it doesn’t need to be air tight and to be honest I prefer it that way as there is good gas exchange. The only down side is you will need to stay on top of water top offs as evaporation happens more. Replace with pure RO or distilled water and don’t add more salt.

- some Shrimp are naturally pale or white and some are deep and rich red colour. It’s perfectly normal and may stay this way. If all of your Shrimp are pale and swim around in a frenzy constantly then I would test the water parameters as this is an indication water quality may be bad for them.

- I wouldn’t add snails to a tank that small but that is my own opinion obviously, they seem to bulldoze algae and this won’t leave much food for your Opae ula Shrimp in a tank of that size. You also want to keep waste down and snails can produce a good quantity in ratio to your water amount.

- Don’t worry about feeding the tank if you have any algae growing in the tank. If you don’t have any algae maybe try a small amount of spirulina powder once every 2 - 3 weeks. Get a little cocktail stick and dip it in and tap or poke it into the waters surface, you really only need a micro dot of food for that amount of Shrimp.

How old is your tank? If you give us all some more information it will help us get a better under standing of your situation.

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 #4264  by Enviormentalist
 11 Jan 2018 00:53
If this worked you should see a picture of my tank setup... My tank is 17.7 degrees Celcius. and I have had it for about a month. I have sand for substrate, 2 lavarocks, and 2 pieces of coral(dead coral) and a sea fan. Is this a good setup?
 #4269  by odin
 11 Jan 2018 16:16
Sorry your image didn’t work, I wouldn’t let it go lower in temperature to be honest, you could add a little heater if you can find one to fit if possible, I keep mine at about 22deg C.

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 #4274  by odin
 12 Jan 2018 10:05
It’s completely up to you, they will tolerate a large range of temperatures, the reason I have one is because the room temperature here drops very cold. You don’t need to keep them at 22 but I’d be more inclined to keep them at at least 20deg C. If your room temperature keeps the tank warm anyway the heater will sit there idle anyway. It’s nice to have it as a backup.

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