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 #10343  by Kuhli new to opae
Sorry to informing bad news, but I unconsciously moved my opae ula to new tank. I think it is because my unconscious curiousity drive me to do it. Anyhow, I have a questions.
I setting up a 2-3 gallon tank and put opae ula in it as aquarium soil in my bowl are hard to remove, I'm afraid that they will bought the PH down. However, what I am doing is cycle a tank with shrimp! So, I would like to ask that can they withstand the cycling process with only the help of cycled lava rock from the old tank? Or I might consider adding sponge filter from cycled tank in there (it is freshwater tank btw)
Good things are 1. Tanks are super large for 2 shrimp 2. Lava rock have algae and they are from cycled tank
But bad things are
1.No biofilm in glass
2.New substrate

So for the reason why someone who has 1 year cycled tank chooses to do something like this is because
1. I HATE ice cream looking substrate that cause by the soil (Black and with, very ugly)
2.I have some problems with making decisions. This happened to me quite a lot
3.I am over worried over my opae ula behavior (hiding and changing color)
4. It is very difficult to take their photo.
5.Removing soil brought down salinity level.
 #10345  by Kuhli new to opae
I become more chill now, shrimp still survive. The things happen yesterday links to my mental breakdown, which occurred last night. Anyhow, I will update daily especially if anything go wrong.
 #10349  by opaeforever
Don't worry, they should be fine.
I just setup another tank, after salt dissolve and water settle down, will drop in 2 dozen or shrimps to start another colony.
 #10356  by odin
Any updates?