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 #10075  by thilaiga
Hey all, first of all, thank you so much for this forum and the quality replies!

I had been cycling my mini 8l tank for a month. For unknown reasons, it did not begin cycling, even with JBL spirulina flake food and Seachem Stability added. Having already purchased 2 Zebra Nerites (thinking that my tank would be cycled by then), I decided to add them to my tank. Lo and behold, the tank began cycling! I know a fish-in cycle's not the best option for their health, so I did daily water changes. So far, so good.

However, today i noticed that one of my nerites had left the tank and exploring my living room. We managed to find it in time and return him to the tank. However, it was found walking on a copper/brass lamp. Could it unwittingly bring metals into my tank?

Thanks in advance, and i love this forum!
 #10076  by odin
Nah nothing to worry about :)

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