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 #9681  by Johnny Max
 06 Jan 2021 21:06
I think I know the answer, but not sure. I put a brighter light on my tank today to see what happened. (60W equivalent LED)
After a few hours I noticed tiny bubbles rising up. A lot! Most seem to be above moss and algae, but not all.
My first assumption is that they are O2 bubbles formed from photosynthesis. If that is the case that is good.
Can extra light cause methane to be produced also.
I know one thing, it brought my shrimp to life. They have been swimming all over and eating like craze. That makes me think that the light increased the oxygen level. When there is more dissolved O2 in the water food is digested much faster when consumed. That makes sea life eat a lot more.
I know in tilapia farming they inject pure O2 into the water and the fish eat a lot more because the dissolved O2 increases the speed consumed food is digested in a fishes stomach. So a fish get hungry much faster.
I have been wondering if increased O2 levels will increase Opae Ule growth....
 #9684  by odin
 12 Jan 2021 06:25
Only time will tell, keep us informed on how it goes!

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 #9694  by Johnny Max
 13 Jan 2021 16:25
I lowered the light a little. The bubbles were excess oxygen. The water was saturated with O2 so the oxygen being produced by the plants were escaping to the surface.
That is pretty good considering I have to aeration on my little tank.