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 #9590  by Johnny Max
Well, I tested positive for covid 19 yesterday. I will be out of the office for at least two weeks. I assume my opae ula will be fine. They live on my desk. I won't be staring at them everyday. As far as having covid, I started feeling bad pretty fast. I am not real old, but I am no spring chicken either at 58. But as soon as it contacted my doctor and requested medicine I started getting much better after only about 5 hours. Now after one day, no more fever, body aches, cough, or feeling tired. Headach went away too. I think the key is to get treatment as soon as you can. Mine was delayed because I started coughing and running fever on Friday and it was not until Monday before I could talk to my doctor.
Still not out of the woods yet though.
 #9598  by Johnny Max
opae ula related wrote: 19 Nov 2020 17:23 Good luck. Where do you think you gotten it from?
I was exposed at work from another employee. I was sent home before I had any symptoms because I was exposed. Started having symptoms the next day. I have no symptoms anymore. Meds knocked out fever, and all symptoms in less than a day, but I still can't smell anything. I don't feel sick, going stir-crazy
 #9617  by Johnny Max
Vorteil wrote: 20 Nov 2020 01:25 Wow best wishes to a speedy recovery. What medicine did your Dr. prescribe you?
I can't post it on facebook, but I guess I can post it here. I was prescribed Hydroxichloraquine tablets and Budesonide breathing treatments through a nebulizer.
By the way, I think am completely over it now. No fatigue and no symptoms other than my since of smell has not returned yet.
I think the key is to get tested as soon as you have ANY symptoms then find a doctor who will treat you with medication immediately (not wait and see how you handle it.) I am sure there is more than one medication that can help if taken early enough.
Oh, and I questioned my doctor over a month ago about what medication they would prescribe and how they treat Covid.... I switched doctors....
 #9621  by odin
I am glad you are feeling better :)

Don’t worry about the shrimp they will be fine.
 #9635  by Johnny Max
I am back at work. I had been away from the office and my Opae Ula for 2 1/2 weeks.
They are doing great. While I was gone algae started covering the glass and showing up on some rocks (very thin)
The shrimp are busy running around pretty steady.
Bet pets ever!
 #9640  by odin
They will be enjoying that algae that's for sure!