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 #9570  by Vorteil
When I started this 6 gallon tank I used live rock from my LFS. The presence of coralline was there but not as much now. I believe it's growing as it's starting to creep out of the back opening. Also there's more on the rocks. For some time I had experimented with this tanks water with different saltwater additives. I stopped years ago and just left it on it's own.
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 #9586  by Vorteil
I did want to mention this is a tank that I experimented with before in the past. Different water additives and so on. That's why the coralline algae is present.
 #9634  by Johnny Max
I think I got that purple stuff from you on that moss covered rock, because my piece of brain coral is turning purple.
It was pure white and I was wanting to get the green surface algae from the rock you sent me to grow on the coral. I held the rock in the water, over the coral and scrapped it with a butter knife. Not much settled on the coral, but a little did. The shrimp ate most of it, but some must have gotten into the pores on the coral.
You can see that a few spots of the green surface algae is starting to grow, so maybe it will take.
But the purple color of the surface was a welcomed surprise. I wonder what it is exactly?
I will keep you posted, but it seems that just scraping the algae on the rock seeded the coral with algae.
I may try it in a pan full of rocks without shrimp, because the shrimp must like you cutting up their food for them into bite size pieces. LOL
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