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 #9151  by opaeforever
Have some free time, setup a new tank.
Tank come with built in filter which not shrimp safe, house the filter inlet within an glass bottle fill up with media and filter floss.
Decorate with some stone and coral stick.
Then put 12 opae into their new home.
IMG_20200608_233515.jpg (422.8 KiB) Viewed 2685 times
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 #9158  by odin
Hey that looks really good! Was the tank expensive?

You could have more then 12 in there I’d say... if you wanted to that is.
 #9674  by Halocaridina
I have an empty Marina 360. It's a fairly cheap tank (I think I got it for £30 or so), plastic build, but does look very nice. I was worried about using it for Opae ula because of the filter, so got a Dennerle cube for that and left it for a freshwater planted tank project where I'd make more use of a filter (the project never actually took place so has been gathering dust). You seem to have found a nice solution to that problem, though!