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 #9352  by Jeroen
I think I was right that my schrimps are very happy in their new home! Today i’ve spotted my first berried female since they moved to their new home! Hope everything will be ok this time!

Their new environment seems to be perfectly balanced. Lightning is 15 hours a day and I’ve fed them once and cleaned the glass after one week. They seem to keep everything nice and clean and love to hang out in the rock formation I’ve made for them
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 #9367  by odin
That looks great, if you are getting breeding then don’t change a thing. :happy:
 #9420  by Jeroen
Thanks a lot! I think I reached the weet spot. While my first berried shrimp still carries her ergs happy, I noticed a second berried female and now even a third one!! Really love my tiny aquarium.....curious when it will be “full” and in have to increase though.
 #9447  by odin
A while yet! They are only small.

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 #9503  by Jeroen
Today I checked for floaters, but I still haven't got a sign of any floaters. I've detected the first berried female 14 sept and by now there's still no sign of floaters. Is this normal? I thought it's normal a period of 5 weeks for the female to carry her eggs? If I check for females I still see 4 berried females so she didn't drop her eggs either
 #9516  by Jeroen
Am I the only one with this problem of Opae Ula's not releasing her larve? it's almost 8 weeks now and she's still carrying her eggs. Should I be worried?
 #9517  by odin
Hey there, I wouldn’t worry at all, in fact if you are sure that she is the same berried/egg carrying shrimp keep a log and keep this thread updated.

Any detail would be great for future information, most get worried that they get dropped or let go to early :)

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 #9525  by Vorteil
The fact that you have a berried female swimming around is fantastic. Just give them time. So different than freshwater Neocaridina shrimp that breed every 30 days. IMHO the best shrimp to have.
 #9528  by Jeroen
Thank you for your answers! I think it’s just a matter of being patient.
I’m really sure it’s the same a I had 4 berried females out of 13 shrimp. You can clearly see the eggs develop and on of the female seems to carry almost larve shrimp now. Will keep you up to date and try to take a picture if she’s sitting on the glass.
 #9591  by Jeroen
you guys were right! after almost 9 weeks my Opae Ula started to give birth this weekend! By now I've count almost 20 floaters out of one female! let's see what the future will bring for the other 3 berried females!
Really happy and it's so beautiful to watch them floating around in the tank!
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