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 #9056  by Jeroen
As my previous topic starts to be more and a jounal I decided to start a new topic to keep track of my progress.

Two weeks ago i’ve introduced the moss from the “quarentine” in the Opae Ula jar. This looks a lot more attractieve. I keep a close eye on the behaviour of the Opae’s but they seem to like it. They are still bright red in color, but show up a lot more during the day!!

Yesterday I was witnessing a Opae Ula that was moulding. This was the third time I saw the proces, but it’s still special to see it. They are so Fast! Today I noticed that one of the Opae’s had a “tick belly”. Could this be the fist sign of her getting berried? Some reseach here showed this could be the case, but i’m not sure if this is what to look for?
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 #9058  by Jeroen
Thank you! i'm really glad with the result.

The "algae" you see is (what I think) pelia moss. In Dutch it was called "levermos" and a quick search resulted in "Monosolenium tenerum" which is "Pelia moss". I received it from the seller as a gift, and he has it already for a few years in his tank. Maybe just lucky?

The size of the tank is 3 liters, filled with lava rock in order to give them plenty cracks and crevices to hide and "play". I've introduced a total of 11 Opae Ula's in there with the hope that they will start to breed, so I can extend there jar to a 10 liter nanoqube
 #9064  by odin
Sorry for the late reply, that looks great and I do think that you could be in for a chance of the shrimp becoming berried. In the past mine got like that before carrying eggs :)

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 #9094  by Jeroen
Well, it's hard to say if the moss will survive. up untill now it's still there and my Opae Ula's seems still very happy

@ Odin: In that case I think I'm lucky!! yesterday I've finally spotted my first berried female! I assume the water quality is fine now after 3 months!

sorry for the bad quality of the photo but you can clearly see her carrying eggs! I'm so happy. let's hope everything will be ok!
Opae Ula .jpeg
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 #9108  by odin
Congratulations! Let’s hope she carries them full term :happy:
 #9134  by Jeroen
Thanks Odin....hope for the best....in the meanwhile i’ve spotted another berried female and a third one that look “suspisious” !! It looks so beautiful!!
 #9146  by Jeroen
Some bad news. Yesterday I noticed that my berried female dropped a lot of her eggs :cry: :cry: :cry: . She carried somewhere around 20-25 eggs. I found her today and she is now carrying only 3-5 eggs. It’s a pity but if she could raise these i’m still happy!
Let’s hope for the best for my other female
 #9165  by odin
It happens unfortunately, sometimes the newer mothers will drop a lot. Don’t worry there will always be a next time, don’t change anything in your tank!