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 #4969  by BaileyPayne
 20 Apr 2018 19:24
Hey All,

Glad to be on the forums now. Back in October I naively purchased an "Ecosphere" and after some deaths of all but one of the Shrimp (Was 4), and understanding the cruelness behind them, I am breaking out the last Shrimp....well have. As he is my only Shrimp at the moment he is taking the name of "Sammy".

I've been planning the breakout for a while now and have a 1 Gallon Jar ready, today was the day Sammy moved into his new rather larger home. I currently have Live Rock outside slowly dying off in the Sun, something I may add to the jar in a "rescape" possibly. Currently have crushed coral sand which I had spare and a rock from an old tank of mine (has been cleaned) Water quality has gone to desired levels, slightly high PH of 8.4 but not too high, would like 8.2 and expect to drop as Jar ages.

Pictures are quite bad quality, especially trying to get a photo of Sammy - will be ordering some companions for Sammy in the week to come.

Look forward to input and opinions so far.
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 #4970  by odin
 20 Apr 2018 19:30
Welcome @BaileyPayne and welcome to our forum, glad you found us! Nice work on busting out the shrimp :smile: .
If i were you i wouldn't bother with the live rock, if you do go through with it you will need to remove all the crap from it so as not to add any of it into the tank. You could get some texas holey rock which is pretty much the same thing as your live rock but without the 'live' part.

I'd also make sure you let some fresh oxygen into your jar via the lid every several days, if you need any help just ask!
 #4971  by BaileyPayne
 20 Apr 2018 19:35
@odin, Ye, It was surprisingly easy to get him out haha. Ye, I made a mistake buying the live rock! Its out in my garden slowly going white, so maybe once it's completely dead I'll worry about it, but for now I like what I'm doing, I have a lot more of the Cheato algae but that's waiting to go in, so may surround the center rock with it, gives the shrimp a lot of hiding places in there, luckily that rock has a few holes in as well. I already plan on opening the lid every day for a bit, but I'm sure I'll be in contact with you soon on Ebay about getting some more in there. Unsure of how many I could really have in it.
 #4972  by odin
 20 Apr 2018 19:42
Ah fair enough sounds like a plan, if i were you i would maybe go with 5 or so more and go from there? The last thing you want to do is add too many at once with that amount of water. You can buy water quality test kits or test strips which are good for letting you know if anything bad is happening to your water.
 #4973  by BaileyPayne
 20 Apr 2018 19:50
Ye, i was thinking 5-10 to start with, not sure on my max amount. I've read a lot of varied things. Oh I've kept fish in the past in nano tanks so have a lot of test kits haha. Have been checking a lot until today where the levels have remained spot on for about a week. Decided it was as good of a time as any.
 #4974  by odin
 20 Apr 2018 19:57
Ahhh thats cool, i wasn't sure if you were new to the aquarium hobby or not so i always guess not with new members unless they say otherwise just in case! Where did you get the jar too? Wouldn't mind one myself... i have some large vase like things from ikea with a cork lid but they are an odd shape. :happy:
 #4975  by BaileyPayne
 20 Apr 2018 20:02
Got the jar from amazon. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00 ... =UTF8&th=1

I think its a fair price for a good size Jar, it seems really sturdy.

Ye, I'm probably to much into the whole aquatics haha, Haven't had a tank for a few years but do a lot with them if you know what I mean, Unfortunately my house suffers with mold problems so can't add to the moisture with loads of water haha!

Depending how this Jar goes in the first few weeks I'm very tempted to do a freshwater Jar with some red cherry shrimps. Who knows what the future holds! Jars will probably end up living at my work anyway!
 #5019  by BaileyPayne
 02 May 2018 19:25
Well, its been about 5 days since the extra shrimp where delivered. Thought I'd give an update.

All shrimp are doing well, they have been relocated away from my north facing window with what I think is becoming a nice setup. Recently purchased a great little led light from amazon with a range up to 6500k. Also a reptile head pad which is now under the jar to provide a bit of warmth through colder days. Seems to be keeping the temperate more stable.

PH/Ammonia/Nitrite/Nitrate levels remain spot on and all seems to be going well so far. The rest of the Cheato macro-algae was added and the half in before seems to be growing well. Have a few of the Eco bricks arriving later in the week. Attached is an awful photo of some shrimp as well as the Jar so far. (Heh...rhymes)
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 #5020  by odin
 02 May 2018 19:35
What a great idea to use the heat pad, i'm glad your shrimp are doing well! Yeah taking photos of these shrimps is hard without macro and especially a challenge when using a jar that's circular. Thanks for the updates. :happy: :happy: