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 #5393  by odin
Vorteil wrote:Nice! I think mine are on a break right now. Heat has the tanks fluctuating from 82-88 degrees and are in my garage. On a side note one of my jars that's inside the house has been breeding nicely. I've had 3 berried so far this summer.
Yep my main breeder tank only has 1 batch of larvae at one time because of the heat, they seem to like stable water params like any other shrimp.
 #5482  by odin
Algae In Space wrote: 16 Oct 2018 11:04 What is that sack of gravel in the tank??? :what:
That was a bag of sand from a cycled and mature tank, I put it into the cube to help speed up the cycle process by introducing bacteria’s. :wink:
 #9723  by odin
I don’t recall where it came from tbh, a friend gave it me!
 #9724  by Krzjaz
One out of 20 Larva spinning in circles like a ballerina, anybody see this before?
Also, anybody notice older larva stages hang out together and newly hatched larva with late yolk sacks stick together higher up by the light?
I just learned how to submit a picture, if I knew how to upload a video I would.
This larva is spinning in circles.
This larva is spinning in circles.
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