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 #9665  by Lance76
Thanks to odin, my first batch of 10 arrived yesterday, and as of me getting home at 4am this morning, have been transferred to the tank, and are looking good!
seam to be pretty lively buggers.
 #9668  by odin
That’s great news! Have they settled down a little bit now?

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 #9669  by Lance76
3 or 4 of them seem to be permanently swimming around, they then park off on a rock/gravel and the next ones take over, a lot more lively than I expected them to be.
 #9670  by odin
Yeah that’s the great thing about Opae Ula, they swim loads and use all the free tank space vs fresh water shrimps in tropical tanks tend to spend 90% of their time on the gravel or plants
 #9672  by odin
With them being social they do tend to do better in groups and hang out in the open more. If you have any questions please ask away.

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