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 #7940  by Algae In Space
 10 Jul 2019 20:13
odin wrote: 10 Jul 2019 19:30 Snails to save the day! Always tell folk how good they are but no one believes you until they try them :D

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Totally true. They're life savers!
 #8081  by opae ula related
 23 Jul 2019 15:27
Algae In Space wrote:Haven't seen my young Opae Ula for a long time. Don't know if they're still alive?
Watch they appear when you least expect it.
 #8087  by Algae In Space
 25 Jul 2019 10:41
And this will be my next endeavour (if I can find it somewhere):

Microsword (Lilaeopsis brasiliensis)


I also wanted to try those two sea grass types. But apparently they need a lot of light and a deep enough (8 inches) substrate:

Turtle Grass (Thalassia testudinum)


Manatee Grass (Syringodium filiforme)

 #8097  by Algae In Space
 26 Jul 2019 08:54
Yay! One of my babies! They're alive!

Super easily spooked. After the smallest vibration it went hiding again :smile:
83908301-60EC-438F-B9A8-66AEDFA0C6F3.jpeg (367.95 KiB) Viewed 797 times
 #8101  by Algae In Space
 26 Jul 2019 09:10
Once again a baby snail is floating on the water surface. But the cool thing is that it actually eates the bacteria film. I observed it for a while. It seems to be quite normal. I always thaught they get trapped by the surface tension and have to be rescued. But they seem to do fine.

(Image quality is rather poor)

And I also have to say they are breeding very happily... you guys warned me :smile:

87CA924E-B712-42F5-9B97-F32F97D122C3.jpeg (325.46 KiB) Viewed 792 times
 #8115  by odin
 29 Jul 2019 10:06
Pull all the long bits out by hand and they should help a bit.

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