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 #10348  by opaeforever
Recycle old 2.5ft neocaridina shrimp tank, turn it into Opae Ula shrimp tank.
A simple no substrate setup.
Just recycle use an undergravel filter base and put dragon stone to hold it in place,
Dissolving marine salt via Air stone.
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 #10358  by odin
I will be honest i really do like bare bottom set-ups, so much easier to move shrimp and see what is going on in the thank.
 #10362  by opaeforever
ya. bare tank is super easy to care for.
can easily monitor food given to them as well beside very easy to watch them.
This is my number 5 bare tank.
Actually can also add a tiny layer of fine sand for these that dislike bare tank but like simple setup.
 #10371  by opaeforever
have been busy this whole week, now only have time to release 2 dozen opae shrimp inside the new tank.
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