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 #5545  by Algae In Space
 26 Oct 2018 13:46
Something new every day...

I noticed something strange today. A white layer of “something“ on my rock. What could that be:

Maybe the reason for my Opaes biting the dust? Looks kinda strange.
A7718ED3-E6BD-4896-9C9A-AC26FED17DFE.jpeg (385.22 KiB) Viewed 679 times
 #5546  by odin
 26 Oct 2018 16:00
Where did the rock come from and what type is it?
 #5549  by Algae In Space
 26 Oct 2018 17:06
I bought the rock from the local pet shrimp store. Sadly I dont know much about it. It’s a stone from the sea. Have you seen this white stuff before? It does not seem right to me.
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 #5552  by odin
 26 Oct 2018 17:26
Its hard to tell really, you can either leave it be and see what happens next or take it out and boil/clean it in some distilled/RO water and re add it to your tank.
 #5554  by odin
 26 Oct 2018 17:30
I'm not sure about the lime but does it just look like fuzz or does it look more like spider web style up close?
 #5571  by Algae In Space
 27 Oct 2018 13:32
And here it is when I scrape it away...

I bought a new tank today :blush: I will keep it simple this time like Vorteil said :sidesmile:

Maybe I will have two if the old one turns out all right :what: