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 #367  by Ann
Do you really think that they live for twenty years? How did anyone identify which ones lived that long? I won't live that long! I don't want orphanedpae Ula! Lol
 #368  by odin
I've read of someone having some live 18+ years in one of the sealed biosphere glass ball things, you have more chance of winning the lottery then to get them to breed in one of those :smile:
 #369  by Ann
I ALMOST bought one of those, but my husband asked what would I do if something went wrong. I thought better of it.
 #370  by odin
I was bought one when I was a teenager and thought it was really cool but they perished within 2 years and I kept the glass ball but then my dog knocked it off a unit and it smashed :dead:

That's partly why I'm really trying to get the shrimp species better known and show how easy they are to care for, the price of that globe thing was around £120? You can buy a nice tank setup and shrimp for that price. :ow:

I still feel pretty bad about the whole thing lol.
 #371  by Ann
I was almost fooled and I was an adult. I also had someone to question "What if." Many people are now questioning and condemning these death traps. What you are doing is wonderful. These little guys need to be cared for as they deserve.
Ann :grin:
 #372  by Ann
P.S. I don't remember what they were charging in the States, but the U.K. price translated into over one hundred eighty-seven dollars U.S. !!!! :omg: