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 #5595  by Algae In Space
 31 Oct 2018 21:02
odin wrote: 31 Oct 2018 21:00
Algae In Space wrote:Crushed coral!
Great, you wont have any issues with snails shells and PH being too low for the shrimp either.

Ph too low for shrimp you say? Could that be the reason for the deaths?
 #5596  by odin
 31 Oct 2018 21:12
Not in a newly setup tank no, sorry :sad2:
 #5616  by Algae In Space
 05 Nov 2018 19:54
So my tank seems to do well. Even the tiny 2-3 mm snail is going strong.

I have the filter still in there. It is turned on for about 30 minutes a day. And as one can see it filters out quite some stuff.
APC_0005.JPG (1.57 MiB) Viewed 90 times
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 #5617  by odin
 05 Nov 2018 19:59
That will be the good bacteria growing in the filter, tanks looking nice too! :smile: