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Useful links

When it comes to information and advice to do with these awesome little shrimp, ive noticed the internet seems to have scraps of information darted all over the place which can be difficult to find (even with google!). I decided to try and condense as much information and media together as i could into a directory of links for you to read and watch. If you would like your page's adding or removing then please drop me an email. I don't feel as though there is enough information online for the Opae ula shrimp and i'd just like to help spread the awesomeness of them for all to enjoy, im hoping this will bring more popularity to the species and help them grow worldwide as their numbers are always on the decline in their natural habitat.

Website links
  • Wikipedia.com - General inormation on Opae ula shrimp.
  • Fukubonsai.com - General shrimp keeping and information.
  • Opaeula.wordpress.com - A blog about keeping Opae ula shrimp.
  • Hawaii-opaeula.com - Information and breeders.
  • Opaeula.weebly.com - General information.
  • Peach-tart.com Information on setting up an opae ula tank.
  • Iloveinverts.com - General information and experinces.
  • Volcanoshrimp.com - General information and care.

  • Keepers Youtube channels
  • Opaeula
  • Opae Ula Related
  • Christine Ha
  • ShrimpMart
  • Hmoob Thor
  • Evan H

  • Keepers Instagram pages.
  • opae_ula
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